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We are happy to welcome you on our website! Here you can learn about amazing Russian musical instrument "Bilas" (flat bells), also called "Russian flat Bells". Also you’ll learn the history of its creation and feel the healing power of sound of the instrument, learn about sound treatments methods – sound therapy and listen to the bells played by Bilas’ creator, Alexander Ivanovich Zhikharev and his followers.


Bilo’ve got to Russia in the late tenth century borrowed with structure of the Byzantine liturgy. The instrument was called "Bilo" on the root of the Russian word ”bit’” (that means “to beat”) and originally was made of wood, and its analogue made of metal was called - "klepalo." According to some sources, there was no suitable wood for making a sonorous instruments in the Kievan Rus', so as usual they were made of iron or copper.


The master and bell ringer Alexander Zhikharev attached new meaning to Bilas’ concept and discover a new wonderful world of sound of that instrument. He spent many years searching for unique balance between form and material Bilas made of. Using special alloy and aspect ratio of bilas, the master has achieved a unique long duration of sound. And by combining Bilas of different tones in single set, he created a unique musical instrument with a fantastic sonorous and powerful sound.

This rare instrument, now known as "Russian Bells", has certain qualities, which is engaged in research of Auroville (India). People who come to open sessions with bells, share their impressions of playing the instrument:

"Beautiful sound, rich, resonant, almost healing - meditation with sound." (Rajan, India)

"It was like traveling to a magical land ... The state of peace and tranquility which arises due to the sound of this unique tool, fills me with spiritual joy." (Anand, India)

"This is an opportu nity to freely express oneself. The more expressed with the help of the bells, the more open way. This is an invitation into the unknown " (Ramanarayan, India)

"Om, the vibrations of the heart. It is an instrument for self-knowledge. The mystical sound of the soul brings harmony. " (Pierre, France)

"When the vibrations start, it seems like opening up new dimensions. This instrument is something magical ... " (Pau, Spain)

" The Sound of Russian bells like music of the soul. Their vibrant sound helps us to rise above time and space. This music can affect probably all cultures. " (Anand, France)